Happy New Year! 20/20 Vision

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Wow!  I just can’t believe another year has come and gone and here we are standing at the beginning of a whole new decade!

I have seen many references to the year 2020 regarding clear vision 20/20.  I love that!  There are so many things I have on my To Do Bucket List this year that I have decided to write them down.  I have always been a visual/tactile learning.  I need to see it (sometimes daily) and it helps me to do something with my hands to make it stick into my brain (such as writing it down and taking notes).  I have never been one to keep a journal but I am a BIG time list maker.  So, lets make some lists of what I want to accomplish this year in my creative life:

  1.  Lots of cards.  Lots and Lots (that’s an easy one, something I always do) but this year I want to actually mail them! ha!
  2. Classes.  I have always wanted to teach stamping and card making classes.  I talk about doing it but I have never really reached out and tried to do it.  I’m writing it here for accountability.  This year I’m going to do it!
  3. Stitching and Sewing.  I’m bringing it back into my life soF you may see posts from time to time on my projects.  Just for fun and to add a little mix because, why not?
  4. Fairs & Markets.  I love to go to them.  I actually had a booth over the holidays in one local market to see how I liked it and I had a lot of fun.  I hope to do more of that this year.

I think that is a good start.  So, I hope you had a beautiful Christmas season with your family and friends.  I sure did!   Now I’m ready to kick this year off with a bang.  Only a couple more days til the new Jan-June Mini Catalog is released and Sale-A-Bration!  I’ll be back to share more details!

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