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Manly Moments (Paper Pumpkin)

Paper Pumpkin to the rescue!!!


We have been undergoing renovations in our home for what seems like forever!  Demo day was actually April 12 (that day is forever emblazoned in my brain).  We gutted the kitchen for a complete remodel AND my backyard was destroyed as giant equipment came in digging a hole and ripping out trees for a swimming pool.  Of course, we didn’t plan it that way.  In fact, the pool construction was supposed to begin early in the new year!  However, as things happen, there were “complications” obtaining permits (the woes of purchasing an old house in unincorporated land that was apparently never properly subdivided and documented with the county (how that was not discovered when we closed on the sale 2 years ago is beyond me!).  In any case, that caused a long delay (and much added stress to my dear husband…talk about hoops and hurdles!).  In addition, the kitchen remodel began about a week early. Seriously though, I arrived home from attending SU! Onstage event in Atlanta (FUN!!!) on a Sunday evening and received a call the next day, “Sherrie, would it be okay if our demo guys come Thursday to start the tear out?” and I’m looking around my fully stocked kitchen trying not to panic!  The tear out was not supposed to be until the following week so I thought I had another week/weekend to pack and prepare some meals to get us through the period we would not have appliances (other than a microwave and outdoor grill).  So, we went into hyper mode because how do you tell a contractor, “um, no don’t come early”.  Seriously! Usually you are begging them to come on time!  Anyway, we are now in the midst of it all and there has been little time (and motivation) for crafting.  So, you can imagine, how thrilled I was to receive this kit in time to create cards for the special men in my life!  They are gorgeous and came together so quickly!


Not to mention that completely calm, serene color palette! I couldn’t help thinking how much I would LOVE to be tucked somewhere inside that mountain range on my card!  Maybe drifting through the lake with no place I needed to be.  LOL!

The stamp set is equally amazing!  I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had more masculine friendly sentiments to customize my cards.  These will come in handy for a long time to come!! The fonts are simple.  I never realize how flourishy (is that a word?) sentiment stamps I choose are until I am trying to create a masculine card.  I really must pay more attention when I am placing my orders.



Thank you, Paper Pumpkin for coming to my rescue this month!  I think this month was the epitome of a “creative escape”  because I am sure I would not have done any crafting without it! Who am I kidding?  I would have found a way to make these needed cards because purchasing cards causes me very real, palpable pain; however, there would have been much stress in the process. And crafting is supposed to relieve stress, right?

Do you ever feel like that?  Wish you had time to create a special card or gift but for whatever reason (no time, no mojo, no supplies) you just can’t pull it off?  Paper Pumpkin is such a no brainer.  Always reliable.  Always on time.  Whether you are creating to make ahead and stock up or find yourself in a pinch and need something quick, it will be a life saver.  To read more about Paper Pumpkin and the perks my Paper Pumpkin subscribers receive click the icon below.  I would love to have you join my club!!

Don’t delay!  Join today!


Thanks for stopping in today!  I hope your day contains lots less dust than mine! (truly I cannot keep up with it right now).  I’ll go for some of the pixie kind, please?  So, even if I’m not, I hope you are out there making something pretty!  Have a blessed day!